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Home FAQs Figures How shall I submit graphs from SigmaPlot?

How shall I submit graphs from SigmaPlot?

Open SigmaPlot and in SigmaPlot your Graph. Then:

  • FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT FILE > EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)
  • Submit a name
  • Press Export
  • choose “Convert to Postscript fonts”
  • Press OK
  • ZIP all the files that you have (they are rather large)
  • send them to us
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Mine Water is the water that collects in both surface and underground mines. It comes from the inflow of rain or surface water and from groundwater seepage. During the active life of the mine, water is pumped out to keep the mine dry and to allow access to the ore body. Pumped water may be used in the extraction process, pumped to tailings impoundments, used for activities like dust control, or discharged as a waste. The water can be of the same quality as drinking water, or it can be very acidic and laden with high concentrations of potentially toxic elements.

(from UNEP/GRID-Arenda web site)