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“Mine Water and the Environment”

Volume 19, Number 1, April 2000

PDFAndreichuk, V., Eraso, A. & Domínguez, M. C. (2000): A Large Sinkhole in the Verchnekamsky Potash Basin in the Urals. - Mine Water and the Environment, 19 (1): 2-18; Littleton, CO.

PDFDrury, W. J. (2000): Modeling of Sulfate Reduction in Anaerobic Solid Substrate Bioreactors for Mine Drainage Treatment. - Mine Water and the Environment, 19 (1): 19-29; Littleton, CO.

PDFOsiensky, J. L., Williams, R. E., Williams, B. & Johnson, G. (2000): Evaluation of Drawdown Curves Derived from Multiple Well Aquifer Tests in Heterogenous Environments. - Mine Water and the Environment, 19 (1): 30-55; Littleton, CO.

PDFAckman, T. (2000): Feasibility of Lime Treatment at the Leviathan Mine Using the In-Line System. - Mine Water and the Environment, 19 (1): 56-75; Littleton, CO.

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IWMA's members promote an integrated approach to mine water management, combining specialist expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology and water quality with geotechnical, environmental and mining skills. Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide cost-effective, practical solutions for your project, and identify methods for more efficient utilisation of water in mining and mineral processing.

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