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Corporate or Institutional membership

Corporate or Institutional membership is open to any corporation or institution that has multiple employees interested in mine water related issues. Each individual registered under the Corporate membership receives a copy of the IMWA journal Mine Water and the Environment and newsletter and is eligible for reduced registration fees at IMWA symposia and congresses and other co-organised meetings. The name and/or logo of the Corporation is also displayed on the IMWA web page and any associated publicity. The annual fee depends on the number of individuals who are registered by the Corporation as follows:

1…4 members:
5 and more members:
EURO 300.00 (or $US equivalent; EURO 350 starting in 2019)
base fee EURO 300.00 (or $US equivalent; EURO 350 starting in 2019)
  plus EURO 54.00 (EURO 63 starting in 2019) per individual member

If you register for example 3 members you will be charged EURO 300.00 and if you register 23 members you will be charged EURO (300.00 + 23 × 54.00) = 1542.00 (EURO 1799.00 starting in 2019)

Membership is for the calendar year, but you will receive all missing issues of our jounal latest March following your admission.

Due to IMWA’s security regulations application to membership currently cannot be applied by electronically. Please download an application form (Acrobat Reader) or write or e-mail to either the treasurer or the general secretary.

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News Flash

IMWA and the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in Xuzhou/China signed a Memorandum of Understanding about future co-operation. In addition, CUMT explained that they are interested in hosting the IMWA 2014 Congress.